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If  I was to ever become a singer ….. She would be  my inspiration*** Advertisements

We painted the city that Day* lol This guy made me laugh the whole time* A True Entertainer* later that day their  was another photo shoot going on across the street  lol …..met some interesting people that day*

Well  this  week  I  spent some  time  thinking  of  a  new  style  to rock  or trend to start,  thats  when  I  came  across  Best  Behavior. A  fashion line designed  by  two  ladies  from  Danish.  If  you  like  you  can  check  out  there  site  at

(reminder) There all painting’s not photography

With a child at the age of 18 ……..not Bad I dont shame her at all; her son is adorable and her music is the bomb* A+ for Solonge Knowles .